Thursday, July 20, 2006


To google..

'to google' is a common term for searching, researching for sth.
in usa google owns about 50% of the market (marketshare). in europe, specially in germany, goog's marketshare is over 80%. goog dominates the searchengine world in germany.

but still goog isn't a monopolist like microsoft, which operating system 'windows' is pre loaded on nearly every home/personel or business/desktop (what ever you name it) computer.

in my blog i'll ask the question if msn (microsoft network) will strike back in the - regarding analyst's opionons - so important internet market. (b2b and b2c!)

isolated personal computers (PC) get more and more obsolete. the trend is to connect and interact with various other machines, servers, nodes what ever..

so stay tuned.

Dear Blogger,

Sorry for blaming you but since no contact email has been provided we decided to post a comment in here.

Seems that you created a blog using an url which used to belong to us. We had a blog with this address called 'Google Underground' for more than an year and then we moved to a dreamhost account ( To avoid problems with users which didn't knew our new url we had set a redirect script that supposed to bring the old users to our new address. And this script has been replaced when you created the blog usinh exactly the same url.

If you're still in doubt about us, try googling 'orkut em construção' (Portuguese for 'Orkut being built') and you will see, as the first result, a link that redirects to us.

Please, try to replace your new blog's url so that we could re-activate the script and redirect our old visitors to the new home page. We suggest something like

We insist that you help us by leting we use the url you have taken.

Sorry for causing any trouble.

Best Regards,

Google Underground Team
traduzindo para o português:


Acesse o link fornecido na nota em inglês.

Site muito bom por sinal

Seems that you haven't done anything about the url even two days after our request.

Keep in mind that if you don't do anything about it we are going to contact blogger.


Google Underground Team
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